Cntry Clb Hls
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Sears Garage Door Repair & Installation of Cntry Clb Hls, IL

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February 01, 2018 3.8
I was not told ahead of time that all cars had to be removed before the opener could be installed. I had an antique auto parked on one side and may not have been able to start. The tech was not willing to work around it for safety reasons and would have left if it didn’t start. Had I had ample warning, I would have moved it prior to the visit even if I had to enlist help and push it out.
December 16, 2014 4.5
Your Tec.was very informative & professional, so I rate him a 5.
July 30, 2013 5
Ken was great, did the job and made sure everything worked properly before he left. thanks Ken.