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The nucleus of any garage door system is its opener. Easily overlooked, garage door openers are highly complex pieces of equipment, often containing dozens of intricate parts that work simultaneously with one another to consistently raise and lower your door. Sears is the home of Craftsman, America’s #1 Garage Door Opener Brand. Choose from our collection of Craftsman garage door openers, from basic models to those with advanced capabilities like a DieHard battery back-up and smartphone connectivity. Need a dependable and affordable model? Sears can help. Are you interested in a model that you can operate with a garage door app? We’ve got that too. Call your local Sears Garage Door Services location today to hear about the options. You can also discuss Sears’ installation and replacement services for new garages or those with broken-down openers. Sears is your source for comprehensive garage door service. Every day 500+ households choose Sears for their garage door openers, repairs and installations. Do you have a broken Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain or other garage door opener that you need fixed? We repair virtually any garage door opener on the market.

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Garage Door Opener Installation & Repair
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Garage Door Opener
1,097 ratings

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July 25, 2016 5
The appointment was great. Ricky was at my house last year to do the install of the opener and the rebuilt. I was glad to see him back for this routine check with my warranty. I am pleased with the services provided!
July 25, 2016 4.8
No improvement needed, we are very happy with our new garage door opener and with the way everything was handled. Thanks so much!
July 25, 2016 1.5
We already had a craftsman garage door open. The tech did not replace the "eye sensors" and then took the new sensors and the key pad with him. He said he was just going to throw them away, but he left all the other old parts. I think he was going to sell them. I had to call and get him to bring them back.
July 11, 2016 4
the work has not been done the garage door opener is to be replaced
June 10, 2016 5
he was very good telling me everything about the opener and the warrenty
May 09, 2016 5
The technician, Melvin Loza, was excellent. He completed the projects in a timely manner and explained how everything worked perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better installation experience. The only negative was the lack of communication with the sales department not informing him that I had ordered the AssureLink kit. I now have to wait for it to be mailed to me.
April 08, 2016 3.5
The garage door operated extremely "quietly" for awhile, but now is very noisy. I would like a technician to come back out and look at the garage door and garage door opener as soon as possible. Thanks.
March 21, 2016 5
He was very polite, knowledgeable and clean. The door looked like new and the opener was upgraded. He went over everything with me so that I was comfortable with the upgrades. Thank you for the quick and professional service. Donna
February 06, 2016 2
The garage door opener was installed wrong by sears then it broke and it cost me $119.00 to fix and it still is not right
January 19, 2016 5
Even though, my Garage doors Keypad opener according to is not covered under my warranty. thought they are. He respectfully worked on the doors motor and make some recommendations. He is one of the best Technicians i have pleasure working with . Thanks.
January 19, 2016 4.8
Although I have the same car as I had with the previous Sears garage door opener I cannot program my built in car door opener to open or close this new door. I need the serviceman come out and show me what I'm doing wrong. The garage door opener service manual doesn't have the answer.
January 05, 2016 4.8
Not pleased with lack of clean-up of the area. Nothing put back even near the original location. No light bulbs installed in the garage door opener light, so they couldn't have tested it - time not set on pad - not sure why they wouldn't use the wire already there vs. re-wiring - not sure what purple wire hanging from light fixture is.
December 30, 2015 4.5
I was left with doubts as to whether I will need to place the garage door opener in the future or whether I should replace it now to avoid the possibility of a future failure that may or may not happen within the next several years. I am not sure if it was a sales pitch to sell another opener or the service technician presenting a hypothetical situation that the opener will fail in the future due to the age of the garage door opener,
December 16, 2015 5
Not a thing the installers did a great job. They explained the operation of the opener completely. Thanks for sending a good installation team to my site.
October 28, 2015 5
Pablo Gonzalez, your service has services our garage door opener twice. He has continued to show an excellent ability and knowledge to solve any issues caused by the Sears garage opener. He should be considered as a valuable asset by Sears.
September 13, 2015 3.3
Door popping problem did not reoccur during the service visit which made it difficult for technician to diagnose. He did some checks on clearances and readjusted one panel. We still do not have a copy of the owners manual and warranty for this garage door opener or the new garage door itself. I had asked Customer Service Rep to have the technician leave one. Technician was running late due to other appointments and did not leave a manual. Not sure he was made aware of the request by the service rep. We still want a copy of service manual and warranty informatino for this garage door opener for our records and for owner information for care and future service. If a manual is available for the new garage door itself, we would like a copy of that too. Had I bought the door opener directly at the store, the manuals would have been included in the box. Would please like Sears to resolve this. These should have been resolved when the door and opener were installed last year. Rod Jones
July 25, 2015 5
We have had many concerns with our garage opener unit both safety issue and sleepless nights. At this time we are pleased that so far the unit is operating as it should.Hopefully we hope the issue of the unit opening by it self at early morning hours is solved. And if this is so, we want to Thank all involve in bring a satisfactory solution to this nightmare.
July 25, 2015 4
Miguel was polite and very professional.He explain all the functions of the garage opener and made some recommendations on how to keep the door and opener maintain.I have been a Sears customer for 30 plus years and will not change to buy any home appliances from any other store because I value the proses ions work done from Sears and Miguel proof what makes a good customer keep buying the products and have someone with experience installed and a fast and neat way.I was called prior to the arrival and the wiki place was clean and my garage opener is what I expected to be.Thanks and give Miguel the highest grade possible
June 24, 2015 5
Joeseph was awesome! Knowledgeable about all the products and offered good advice. He was kind and funny as well. I was delighted and happy to pay for the door, opener and the service.
June 24, 2015 2.5
He was to check out system to see why remotes would only work at close range. He said updated remote and wall button would solve the problem which including parts and labor was 205 dollars.The system worked for maybe one day and is acting the same as before.
June 10, 2015 5
Always my first and only call for my garage door and opener needs.
May 09, 2015 3.8
Problem with door opening and shutting still a problem. Technician now recommended new opener after installing new rollers.
February 20, 2015 5
The two service technicians were knowledgeable and gave me helpful advice. I would definitely recommend them. I wound up deciding to purchase a new opener and they returned to install it and new rollers the same day. I'm happy with my decision.
February 06, 2015 5
I worked with Rob Patrick as the sales rep and he explained everything associated with the installation of the new opener and garage door. I just had both items installed today and I am 100% satisfied with the project. It was a fair price for the job. Thx, Frank Scaduto
February 06, 2015 5
Our garage was old and not standard. The installer did an excellent job of overcoming the obstacles to get the doors and opener installed. It is much appreciated.
January 19, 2015 5
The technicians were very professional and thorough. They fully explained the operation of the garage door opener and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Thank you.
December 16, 2014 5
The Technician did a wonderful job, but I am still having a problem with the main door Opener the side of the wall. It only works sometimes.
December 16, 2014 3.3
experience with the unorganized garage door department that the doors were being installed out of left a very sour taste in my mouth for sears. There were so many unavoidable mistakes that I don't know even know where to begin.but I will try. From the beginning the technician that came out to give me a quote was very professional friendly and likeable. However when I called to order the door I was given a time frame of 1 to 2 weeks for the doors to me in. It was almost a month later in actuality.and even then I had to call to inquire why it was taking so long. Then I was given a day that they would be installed but called back later and told that it would be another day instead. I was told 9 a.m..that did not happen and when I call to find out what was going on I was told that the gDo was not there. then when the installers got here around 1:30 p.m. They realize that they had the wrong track. As my garage has low overhead. The original invoice States low overhead. So the installers had to turn around and go get the proper rails. They got back and started work around 2 p.m.then when I walked in the garage at OneI made a comment about the belt driven garage door opener the technicians looked down and realized they brought a change ribbon garage door opener. At this point its closing in on 6/ 6:30 p.m. The tracks or not done properly and had to be recut the day that they brought the proper garage door opener back. That evening when I spoke to somebody I was told that they would be back two days later. Which meant my garage was sitting there without a garage door opener and not installed properly.there is much more of that I am NOT even talk texting right now I still have a bitter taste in my mouth my issue wasn't so much with the technicians as it was with wherever they were working out of. And this box is not user friendly!
November 29, 2014 5
This technician was excellent; however the last one that came out was not. The first one said that the remotes wouldn't work because of interference from a cell phone tower. The one that came out yesterday determined that it was a battery issue. Now my garage door opener is working beautifully.
November 15, 2014 5
Mike was knowledgeable about the product, which was useful in helping us choose the right garage door opener for our needs. We had confidence in his abilities from the start. He did a terrific job installing and explaining the product. We are highly satisfied with the garage door opener installation services.
November 15, 2014 5
I would like to commend Mr. Bravo for the work he performed on the installation of our garage opener. He took the time to complete his job thoroughly and explained in details the process of setting and using the remote control. Our overall experience with this garage opener installation was very surprising satisfied, from the service call to the technician who came to perform the task.
November 15, 2014 5
Folks! The "Receptionist" who took our work-order was "Nichole." She was very pleasant to talk with, and she quickly and professionally handled our initial questions and follow-up data. The technician who analyzed and then installed our new Garage Door Opener was "Andrew." I gotta' tell you, I don't think I've EVER seen a nicer, more proficient craftsman. His knowledge of the system, and the speed at which he worked were truly impressive! "Andrew" is a true professional and a great representative for Sears! Thanks! L.D. Johnston
November 15, 2014 5
I was to receive a free garage door monitor, which the tech wasn't aware of, that was to come with the new opener and installation ($374.00 + tax; online deal). Overall, the tech was awesome and did a great job!
October 28, 2014 5
This technician was very competent and performed the services in an outstanding manner. He also suggested additional items needing work on our garage door opener so that it performs much better. It also appears I ordered the wrong door openers, but he was able to input the correct code so that we can use them. We were very satisfied with all of his services.
October 14, 2014 5
Tyler was an excellent service technician. I hope the new logic board fixes the problem as there still is the issue with the loose wire clip which he was able to secure, albeit the bottom screw on one side of the opener is not secured, nor is the bulb cover due to the other corner screws in place, keeping the wire clip from moving.
October 14, 2014 1.8
The crew complained about my top of the line, upgraded Genie door openers and stated I should have replaced them when I got the Sears doors. The Genies are guaranteed for life (parts,motor and labor), why should I replace them. When one opener failed after the new doors were installed they insisited to me it was broken before they arrived, then said the motor was burned out and they made no effort to trouble shoot. THEN I FOUND that they had displaced a wire connection to the electric eye while installing the door. Once reconnected it worked fine. they did not adjust the genie travel stops to accomodate the new doors causing extreme repeat extreme stress (bending) on the track...untill I complained. After they left I noticed they installed the weather stripping on top of the old weather stripping, instead of removing and replacing the old during installation. They left greasy hand prints on the inside and exterior of the doors. My wife and I welcomed and provided to these guys coffee when they arrive. I usually tip installers / service providers who do a decent job. Not this time.
September 27, 2014 5
Kolev and Evans both arrived on time. They installed the garage door opener promptly and did a great job. Kolev gave me some tips on how to use the garage door opener and answered all of the questions that I had. Overall, fantastic job and I will continue to use Sears Home Services in the future.
September 13, 2014 5
Vincent was professional, informative, personable, efficient, and cleaned up his work area as he worked. I told him and now I am telling you... He my "Jordan" of garages. Give him a raise or at least a bonus. Thank you for sending him for my install. I am extremely pleased with my garage opener & with his install and information I am confident in its operation. Thank you.
July 11, 2014 5
Had to wait longer than expected, but was given every consideration for the wait. The service person who installed the new door opener was very efficient and helpful.
June 24, 2014 5
J.T. and John did a great job, garage door opener was installed quickly and they spent time to go over all of its features. I would recommend Sears to friends and family.
June 10, 2014 5
Ray was great! He was friendly, polite and explained everything very well about the new unit. He worked in the pouring rain to install our new garage door opener and we are very thankful.
June 10, 2014 4
I have had my garage door opener on the Sears service program since we purchased it years ago. This is the first time I had to pay for a remote.s l Several have been replace over the years. The technician contacted his supervisor and was told we had to pay for the replacement remote, which was part of the original purchase.
May 23, 2014 5
They could have added the fact that they would change out the garage door opener, which was broken at the time they came to inspect the amount of work needed. So now I had to put in a new opener. It would have been nice to have the door and the opener installed all at once. Other wise the service was good.
May 23, 2014 5
Today I had my Sears Garage Door Opener check by my Sears Technician. I am happy with the results because what he told me is exactly what he did. I had trouble with the adjustment but my Technician made the correction necessary to put it back into first class working order. Thank you Sears. The Technician was friendly and efficient. I would recommend Sears again.
May 09, 2014 5
Raymond Gonzelez explained in detail the problem with my garage door opener and why it wasn't operating properly. He informed me of the different options; offered his suggestion and was very knowledgeable about the products. He was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and neat as he completed the task of replacing my garage door opener.
April 22, 2014 2.8
It was a lit more costly also I thought the 39.99 should have been waived since I used the service. I didn't know I had to reprogram my garage door opener remote. I thought the technician should have told me that.
April 08, 2014 5
Tech was great however I'm unpleased that he didn't take the opener with him
March 21, 2014 5
Ray Gonzalez and Kyle Smith were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. They left everything clean including taking all their trash away. They also recommended a maintence schedule to keep my opener and garage working properly for years which I greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Sears Garage door service to all of my friends.
March 21, 2014 5
March 07, 2014 5
Travis was the installer that installed my opener and he did an excellent job. He was on time and very knowledeable about the unit. He answered all of my questions and was extremly helpful. If I need any repairs i would prefer him to work on my opener. Great Job Travis. Very professional.
February 20, 2014 5
The fact that our garage door opener still does not work properly is not the fault of the technician. He tried to correct the problem, but couldn't totally verify it because the opener malfunctions at different times, and mostly in the morning. The technician, Paul, was extremely professional and helpful. I highly recommend him.
February 06, 2014 5
The technician, Brian, who took care of our garage door opener was very courteous to me and efficient in correcting the problem. I'm glad for this opportunity to give Brian and Sears my thank you.
February 06, 2014 5
Andy did a very good job fixing the problems with my garage door and opener is great. He did it in a timely way as well.Today I did receive an email about the charge on my account from Sears and I called and told them the charge was correct.
December 16, 2013 5
The technician called to see if he could arrive early due a cancellation in the morning, and was at the house within a few minutes. He installed the new opener and took away the non-working old opener. He explained how all the controls worked and provided information on good maintenance. The new opener is working fine.
December 16, 2013 5
Best service we have had in anything, including doctors! Timely , courteous, fast and explained everything. A great representative to you and sears. Sears have not been on my radar for a long time but you and your technician has really changed my perspective. My daughter has started shopping at sears. I have to get with it. We helped my dad get his broken garage opener replaced,painless. Will use your technician when we replacr the door . Thank you for early christmas gift. Your technician wad awesome! Marion Lane behalf of Franklin Yue
November 15, 2013 5
Our Technician, Hugh, was awesome. He explained things very clearly, worked diligently to install a non-craftsman garage door opener and was a pleasure to have done work at our home. I would definitely recommend Hugh and his company to anyone and will definitely have him return to our home if we require any garage door services in the future.
October 28, 2013 5
Robert, our technician, was outstanding. Robert did an outstanding job of installing our new door and opener. I do need help programming my car remote control button garage door opener with the newly installed garage door opener.
September 27, 2013 5
My service rep, Neftaly, was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. He diagnosed and repaired the problem with the garaged door opener quickly. He was quite patient in demonstrating all the features of the opener. I would highly recommend him for service. Outstanding representative for the company!
September 27, 2013 4.5
The new opener was installed yesterday and today for a while it wouldn't close properly. The customer service representative said they will probably have to reverse the sensors. However, no one could come out today (Friday) or tomorrow. She will call me by Tuesday of next week to schedule someone to come here. The customer service rep. and the technician were nice but as of now, my new garage opener is not working to my satisfaction.
August 12, 2013 5
The installer was very professional, knew what he was doing, and did a great job installing the new garage door opener and other garage door parts that needed to be replaced.
July 25, 2013 4.8
Brian was great. He fixed our garage door and installed the garage door opener efficiently. No issues whatsoever. Great job, Brian!
July 11, 2013 5
the online service gave us the same type of garage door opener service and not the garage door person. We may have asked for the wrong type of service but perhaps a drop down menu of what we wanted fixed could have made the process better and faster - it took four weeks before we got the right person out to our house.
July 11, 2013 2.3
I WOULD NOT HAVE GONE WITH SEARS IF I HAD KNOWN THEY DID NOT TAKE THE OLD DOOR OPENER AWAY! The technician was going to put one of the sensors on THE FLOOR, because they weren't aligning easily--I said that was not acceptable as water would get into it if I washed the floor! HE CHANGED IT!
June 24, 2013 5
I strongly recommend that salesmen (when you buy the garage door opener) would mention the fact that there might be more costs associated with the job. The opener and installation cost us around $300. When the technician arrived, he showed be everything that was wrong with our doors and it cost us an additional $1,100 that we were not even remotely expecting. A heads-up beforehand would have been nice - no fault of the technician.
June 24, 2013 3.3
The garage door opener I got cost $100 less at the sears store than what I was charged. I called the service office about this and they told me they could not help me. I asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold, I hung up after waiting 30 minutes with no response.
May 09, 2013 4
I would hesitate to use SEARS again, due to the way the return of the first delivery was handled - or in this case, not handled. The serviceman who installed my garage door opener was great, however. He was professional and I was satisfied with his service. Sears Customer Service, however, needs some work.
April 08, 2013 3.8
one problem i am facing is that some times door opener won't respond to the remote or the key pad and i have to keep entering my code over and over again or pressing the button on the remote over and over again till the door opens?????
October 14, 2012 5
The door opener was repaired quickly and I have no complaints about that! However, when the repairman tested the opener remotes, they seemed to work fine, and I was told that they have a 75 ft. range, but my wife and I often have trouble getting the remotes to work immediately outside the garage, which is about 20 ft. !!?? When they were tested, the repairman was "Inside" the garage. Other than that, everything seems OK.
September 13, 2012 5
The gal , (Debbie) worked very well at getting me a date & time for installation that was workable for me. The installer (Howard) was on time, quick and personable. He explainned all of the benefits of the Opener in detail. I hope the opener is as quality as the team who performed the service.
August 26, 2012 5
He was professional and courtesy. He cleaned up after the install and programmed each remote. Additionally provided me instruction on how to operate new opener and answerde all my questions.
August 12, 2012 5
The Sears install team was excellent. They installed my garage door opener quickly and showed me everything I needed to know in order to operate it!
July 25, 2012 5
At the time of installation, I learned that I needed extra equipment installed, etc. so that I ended up paying an additional amount, more than I had paid originally for the opener and the installation. The workmanship was good, but I was left feeling skeptical and I would proceed more cautiously in future.
May 09, 2012 5
Lenny did a great job installing our garage door opener and made sure the garage was opening properly. He helped with the password set up and made sure all was running smoothly before leaving. Lenny was very professional and definitely wanted the customer to be happy. Excellent worker!
March 21, 2012 5
Joe W. was on time, efficient and very nice. He explained the various functions of the opener controls and I would have him back if needed in the future. I am very satisfied with his work. Thanks, Joe.
March 07, 2012 5
Rich..Our service rep.,arrived on time, was very quick and knowledgeable. Installed the garage opener and instructed in its usage.. Would recommend this service to all my friends. Thanks again for a job well done C. Hauser
March 07, 2012 2.3
After corrections from second Sears consultant were made to the garage door in question, an additional problem was then created by the fix and a squeaking sound from the new opener (possibly too much tension) due to the fix, that the technician did not address. I will need to AGAIN get a technicaial to address the new problem that they created! This is not good service!
January 19, 2012 1.5
The opener scrapes the front of the door. The installer tried to leave without showing this to me. I found it operating the door. I am finding someone to uninstall the unit and throw it in the garbage.

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Sears Craftsman Garage Door Openers are America’s favorite. We have several options to choose from that will fit your individual needs. Sears garage door opener selections includes 1/2 horsepower, 3/4 horsepower, belt and chain drive as well as the Craftsman Assurelink garage door opener which allows you to control and monitor your garage door even when you are away from home.