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Sears Garage Door Repair & Installation of Kingwood, TX

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July 24, 2017 3.8
Messed up original order with technician that sold alternative service and did a repair rather than order placed. 2nd service visit, had wrong garage door opener and wanted to charge us for larger than sized garage door opener that we did not order. 3rd visit finally completed installation and once again tried to charge us too much above original order. Not a very good experience
May 03, 2016 5
The tech did a great job. I would definitely want the same guy again. The installation was perfect.
June 26, 2014 5
During the appontment schedule the operator told me that the $75 dollars service charge will be subtract from the total price of the invoice if the Sears technician will perform the repair; if not all I will pay for the estimate will be $ 75 dollars; this amount was added to the repair and parts with a total of $481 dollars. The type of service was great but the total cost was a bit high and confuse at the end.