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Sears Garage Door Repair & Installation of Friendswood, TX

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July 19, 2018 5
Mr. Hall was very professional and personable. He was friendly, on time and quick! A+ job!
June 30, 2018 5
Steve did a great job! I was impressed with not only him, but the price of the work which was very reasonable. I will always stick with Sears and refer you to others!
June 25, 2018 5
Great service
December 05, 2017 5
Steve is the Garage Door Man! Great service, very helpful.
August 05, 2017 5
The technician was great. The repairs and upgrade he performed have improved the functionality and life span of my garage door.
July 31, 2017 5
The service technician was very prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly.
March 28, 2017 5
I want to compliment Steve Hall, the technician who did a super tune up job on mt garage doors.. In addition, he programmed the car controls. The people that installed the Sears garage doors did not know how to program the Acura. Steve did it. He was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.
March 14, 2017 4.3
Michael did a good, efficient job in repairing my garage door and leaving it in very workable condition. He even lubricated!
January 28, 2017 5
The Service Rep was OUTSTANDING, he took the time to explain everything and connected all of my remotes to work. This was the best installment of any of the garage door openers I have ever had!
October 23, 2016 5
Representative did a great job.
April 28, 2016 5
Tech was very professional and timely. represented Sears well.
January 20, 2016 5
No. The Technician was completely helpful and gentlemanly.
December 23, 2015 4
Cost of service was excessive Part available for less than $60. Will think about this before using service.
September 12, 2015 5
Very professional courteous. Highly commend service technician and Sears repair.
December 11, 2014 5
Tech was prompt, friendly, knew what do do, and got it done in a timely manor. .
May 30, 2014 5
The technician was professional and efficient. He explained what he was doing as well as giving me pointers on preventive maintenance for my garage door. I was very happy with the work.
December 23, 2013 5
Michael was great about explaining what he'd be doing in layman's terms, so I could understand exactly what was wrong and how it would be fixed and the differences between the types of openers. I was able to effectively communicate the information to husband.
October 19, 2013 5
Really appreciate that the tech showed me issue that could have resulted in a future call but he was able to solve it right then & for a reasonable price.
March 18, 2012 5
The job was not completed due to not having the suggested garage door item available. A credit is being issued for my deposit.